Floristaurant presentation at Gallery BQ Berlin

Floristaurant presentation at Boqueria market Barcelona

Floristaurant is an artist project based on the importance of eating flowers. In short, a restaurant of flowers.
For this initial exhibition, Marisa Benjamim presents a video installation, inspired by a popular culinary show and a floral installation in one of the flower-stands at the Boqueria food market.

Benjamim embodies the role of a television personality where she examines nature/culture relations in the culinary language: A myth serving as vehicle for explanation and mediation from the history and presence of flowers in our main meals. The artist introduces and describes the edible flowers in a menu based on her own diary of everyday recipes. Marisa Benjamim wants to debunk the contemporary assumption that hunger was part of our original condition.

“Dairy, honey, the fruits of the land, vegetables seasoned with salt, bread cooked in embers, these were the foods of the first peoples of the earth. They made use of these benefits of nature without any other refinement and were as a result only stronger, more robust, and less exposed to disease…” (Diderot et al. 1976).

Flowers are a symbol of life, and a necessity; a tasty and fruitful way of exploring the meaning of globalization.

The markets are now full of new exotic fruits and flowers that come from the other side of the planet, what Pollan calls “old food from far away” (Pollan 2008: 157). They tell us that what is really better for our communities and our planet, and what is fresher and more tasty, is the food grown close to home, like it used to be.

Photos by Andrés Galeano