Terreno - Urban eco-biographical action  

“Terreno” is a reflection on cultural meanings. Portugal bought a peace of land in the Tiergarten district ( Berlin) where the future Portuguese embassy is to be built. This currently ’empty’ space has produced life and created its own ecosystem. What kind of plants grow on this earth? Marisa Benjamim invites you to visit this area and observe the plants growing on it,thus on Portuguese soil. What is the story behind? What levels of meaning develop from this diversity of plants? Can we taste them?

»Licht Luft Scheiße [Light Air Shit]. Perspectives on Ecology and Modernity« presents a variety of twentieth-century concepts and practices that resonate with our current ideas of sustainability. They are both historical references and points of departure for a novel or updated reflections on alternative ways of living in a globalized world. In light of the on-going destruction of Planet Earth, we must fundamentally rethink our relationship to the biosphere and all non-human beings.

The project’s two-year research phase culminates in two exhibitions combining contemporary art production and archive material, and a parallel independent program of education and outreach. These three aspects of the project, along with a number of complementary events and publications, address the past and present of the ecology movement, biological farming, socio-ecological urban development and natural architecture, garden culture and self-sufficiency, recycling and circular waste management, and plant and soil research.,1-18608,1,0.htm

This project was Funded by the Bauhaus heute Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin

with support of Camões Berlin Portugiesisches Kulturzentrum and