Hortus Deliciarum

Preparatory sketches for Hortus Deliciarum at Museum Tinguely in the context of the exhibition Amuse-bouche. The Taste of Art Collage and ink on paper, dimensions variable 2020



Hortus Deliciarum” (from Latin, means Garden of Delights) is a site-specific project divided into three parts: The greenhouse installed in the public park of Basel in front of the museum (Solitude Park), the installation inside the museum and edible performances. The performances invite the audience to taste the natural edible flora of Basel, creating a new sensorial experience based on the degustation of flowers. 

About the exhibition Amuse- bouche. The Taste of Art

 Is the taste of art sweet, sour, bitter, salty or even umami? What role does our sense of taste play in social interactions and as an artistic material? Museum Tinguely continues its series on the senses in the arts with a group show bringing together work by international artists who address our sense of taste as a possibility for aesthetic perception. In traditional accounts of the senses, taste is predicated on direct physical contact. We perceive the world around us in all its diversity through the physical sensation of taste in the mouth and on the tongue. The exhibition at Museum Tinguely poses various questions concerning our many fields of taste-related experience: How do we perceive art made of foods and their specific nuances of taste? What happens when our mouth and tongue suddenly take centre stage in the art experience? Can artworks address the sense of taste even without direct physical contact to the viewer? Can gustatory experiences be described and translated into pictures? Can flavour serve as a medium of artistic expression and creativity? «Amuse-bouche. The Taste of Art» includes allegorical depictions of the sense of taste by Baroque masters, works by avant-garde artists of the early 20th century and exhibits from the 1960s and ’70s. The main focus is on a representative selection of paintings, photographs, sculptures, video works and installations from the past thirty years, all of which address the ingestion and tasting of food in a variety of ways. Link: