Mediterranean Trilogy: Bread, wine and olive oil (first intervention, ongoing)

Residence Inter.meada, Alvito 2018 

The Mediterranean Trilogy, consist in three most powerful elements of the Mediterranean culture and landscape and is the key to the identity of Alvito (Alentejo), playing a decisive role in its economic and cultural life throughout the history of almost eight centuries.
Throughout the ages, Alvito’s economy and landscape have reflected global economic and political changes, evidencing better and worse in their response capacities, wherever possible taking advantage of opportunities, sometimes shrinking, privileging fallows and emigration.
Today globalization shows a diversity and scope never witnessed, determining the fate of these territories.
The abandonment of cereal crops and the growing monoculture of the intensive olive grove are responses to the regional, national and international surroundings. All these aspects culminated in a communal meal in the form of an edible participatory facility.
* Text extract of Prof. Jorge Gaspar for the event Mediterranean Trilogy, Casa da praça, Alvito

edible art installation