7 weeks color diet ( ongoing project)

7 weeks color diet is a project that had the 1st fase in August-September 2017 (making a diet for 7 weeks long ).

In the conduct of this research, my work start to deal with the interrelationship between heuristic research, art and science: my role is beyond just maker, the researcher experience is integral to the work, I become an instrument of investigation into projects such as making a monocolor diet based on fruits, vegetables and flowers, that will be lived on for a seven week period, giving birth to a new interpretation and concept of eating.

The research that I undertook related to the important place flowers hold in society and how the early introduction of flowers in our first meals affects us on a primal level in the act of “eating”. Recognizing the importance of intuition as well as tacit knowledge that are involved in the nature of my research into the act of “eating”, as I deal with different meanings in different contexts within art and science, raising the following questions; taste as a cultural choice, taste as a product of globalization, the paradoxes of society, identity, exchange, traditions, origins, and the value of food.