Eau Florale – Performance/ Installation

Using flowers as a raw material and as a starting point, Marisa Benjamim creates edible artistic installations where she explores culinary archeology, flavor, social interaction and the expansion of art into public and unconventional spaces. Eau Florale is a extraction of natural pigments, perfumes and essence of flowers in fresh mineral water. The recipe based on Floristaurant , previous artist work for The Sensorium: A Laboratory for the Deceleration of the Body and for a New Politics of the Senses (RIBOCA 2018). The exhibition provided diverse explorations into smell, taste, sound and touch – senses that are neglected in favor of sight – and advocates a deceleration of perception and reconnection with embodied experience. The artist created a walking flavor laboratory in a bike. Distributing the special drink based on water, flowering herbs and seasonal blossoms from the surrounding grounds like chive flowers, deadnettle and spreading bellflower. Providing the visitors and locals the benefits of the power of flowers taste detox.

Eau Florale, Performance, Roskilde festival 2019 ( DE)