Blumenstrauß aus Saxdorf

“Blumenstrauß aus Saxdorf” is a collection of plants and flowers gathered from the parish garden of Saxdorf and the surrounding village gardens. “Blumenstrauß aus Saxdorf” involves pressing the collected flowers and plants onto paper, creating an unpredictable and unique visual representation of the natural materials gathered from the gardens. This process can produce a range of different outcomes, depending on the types of flowers and plants used, as well as the pressure and technique used to press them. By using this method, the project can capture the beauty and essence of the flora from the parish and village gardens, while also highlighting the impermanence and transience of nature.

The project seeks to highlight the diversity of plant life in the region, showcasing the different varieties and species that can be found in the gardens of Saxdorf and its neighbours. Also, explore the relationships between the parish garden and the village gardens as social places, examining how these gardens connect and reflect the community.

Social art practices


This project was part of the artist-in-residence project Diesseits von Eden curated by Hannes Langbein and Keumhwa Kim. Diesseits von Eden is a project of the St. Matthäus Foundation as part of the theme year, “Lebenskunst- Kulturland Brandenburg 2022”.