Edible Herbarium is a collection of ephemeral preserved plants, stored and catalogued in a structure inspired in the old herbariums from the 70s. Combines aspects of biology, cooking and nature to build up a new concept of botanical garden and nutrition laboratory.

This project is an sequence of my on-going project, Hunger Diary, evolved from an experiment that I undertook two years ago. This project began when, through illness, I developed an iron and vitamin C deficiency. I decide to start a new special diet based on Chakras colours, In Indian thought,  each of seven centres of spiritual power in the human body. The doctrine says that the body’s physical and spiritual harmony can be affected and modified by consuming different amounts of fruits and vegetables of specific colours.

I start spontanously, eating red, and I really mean only red raw fruit and vegetables for one week. It turn out that I start to feel a lot of energy and  I noticed a definite improvement in my overall state of health. From this I decided to extende this experience, including the other six colours, always base in the same principle: Eating one coulor per week, raw fruit and vegetables. This experience was a moment of catharsis and I incorporated parts of the diet regimen into my normal routine and work since then.

“Apart from providing the visitors with new experiences and a new understanding related to Marisa´s way of dealing with herbariums and its visual and gustatory properties, the descent of flowers and plants will extend to the body of the visitors, as the plants’ flavors and their assimilation are intended to be perceived as a transposition of the drawings on a different and invisible level. By doing so, the experience will extend to the subjective perceptions of people, leaving more space for a personal and private approach to the works and the research of the artist”