The artist has developed a range of techniques and a large amount of drawings, starting with the first attempts to sketch the outline of the leaves up to the latest drawings, where the petals literarally dissolve “into” the drawings and give birth to colorful abstract shapes, which exist on the border between drawings and watercolors.

By employing copying pencils on the edge of leaves, which are kept free to slide on the paper, the artist traces a windy line by taking only one turn around them. The indelible signs which are left behind, acquire changing nuances, spanning from minimal and identifiable outlines to very abstract drawings. The latter results from the reaction of the graphite with the fresh leaves and petals that release water under the artist’s pressure and thus allow the pencil’s traces to become indelible. At the same time the pencils blend their peculiar mauve or bluish coloration with the shades and nuances released by petals and pollens. The drawing paper absorbs the dematerialized fragments of the plants. They undergo a one-way process of transformation and are metabolized producing unpredictable visual compositions.